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Vitrite was founded in 1893, as a component manufacturer. Both the innovation center and production facility of Vitrite are based in Middelburg in the south of the Netherlands. Vitrite is a high-tech, former Philips Automotive company. With over 125 years of experience, mass manufacturing of high-end components has been in our genes. Our products are metal, plastic or metal-plastic subassemblies. Vitrite is specialized in designing and producing high-reliability, high-precision parts for application under highly demanding conditions. Both the innovation center and the manufacturing operation are based in Middelburg in the province of Zeeland, the south-west part of the Netherlands. Vitrite is world-wide known as high-tech, former Philips component producer.



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Production of Tire-pressure-regulating system

Supported by its innovation center, Vitrite develops as a co-developer and manufactures high-reliability, precision components and products for high demanding applications. An example is the uncompromising Kinetic Air Pressure System enables cyclists to adapt tire pressure on the fly. The hub in each wheel storing a miniature high-pressure pump, clutch unit and electro-pneumatic control system. The wheels are fully compatible with standard bikes and communicate to bike computers via ANT+.


Hemcell’s ‘compostable’ biodegradable polymer

  • 100% Home cold compostable (without nano or micro particles)
  • Thermoplastic properties
  • SGS & TÜV food contact approved (OM3)

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