Vitrite is the innovative co- developer, sustainable world class manufacturer and provider of Engineering services


Vitrite was founded in 1893, as a component manufacturer. Both the innovation center and production facility of Vitrite are based in Middelburg in the south of the Netherlands. Vitrite is a high-tech, former Philips & Lumileds Automotive company. With over 125 years of experience, mass manufacturing of high-end components has been in our genes. Our products are metal, plastic or metal-plastic subassemblies. Vitrite is specialized in designing and producing high-reliability, high-precision parts for application under highly demanding conditions. Both the innovation center and the manufacturing operation are based in Middelburg in the province of Zeeland, the south-west part of the Netherlands. Vitrite is world-wide known as high-tech, former Philips component producer.



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This is Vitrite... our strategy

Supported by its innovation center, Vitrite develops as a co-developer and manufactures high-reliability, precision components and products for high demanding applications.

Our main strategy
High-Tech automotive intelligence components through co-development and innovation.

  • Automotive lighting with high-tech conventional and LED products
  • Automotive intelligence systems through co-development, innovation and supply of high-tech sensor components
  • Green bio-degradable products and tech parts.



Core competences in automotive lighting component development, manufacturing and global supply

Our key markets

  • Automotive lighting and intelligence components.
  • Non-automotive: technical parts and developing sub- or complete systems and bio green products.

Flexible capacity in delivering prototypes up to hundreds of millions pieces annually

VITRITE the innovative co- developer, sustainable world class manufacturer and provider of engineering services for:

  • High-tech precision components and systems:
    and silicon rubber
  • Prototypes, samples series, pre-production, series & mass production

VITRITE, for co-development and innovation service, procure, produce and distribute globally

Automotive lighting
LED – Halogen and Xenon – Hypervision

Automotive intelligence future ambition
Sensor components:
lidar – laser – radar – optics

Manufacturing of (sub) systems
offshore LED lamps – LED lighting lamps

High-tech engineering parts
medical – building construction – machine building – water distribution – climate control

Fututure ambition non-automotive
Bio based products
cold compostable bio-polymer resins – cold compostable products – green hydrogen systems – components for energy transition equipment


Zeeland Hydrogen Land - Zeeland Waterstofland

For the Energy Transition, industry is gradualy gearing up for large capacities of green hydrogen generation (by electrolyses), which will be distributed mainly through the hydrogen back bone grid, in future.

An economic attractive flexible green hydrogen distribution system for small generators (electrolyzers) and for consumption by many small business, is urgently needed. Similar functionality like current mature distribution of fossil fuels (which is a proven infra structure), is required.

The lead partner Vitrite Middelburg with , develops such a flexible distribution system (hydrogen swapping tank-container) for the distribution of green hydrogen earlier than everybody will be connected to the hydrogen back bone grid and especially for SME’s who will generate and will consume. Project, named Zeeland Hydrogen land, which is funded by the EU-React program and honoured by the Province of Zeeland.

The innovative project tackles barriers, like:
No availability of flexible, economic attractive distribution unit (for transportation and storage) for the range of 350 – 750 kg of green hydrogen supply.
No availability of a quick and save connection method to load and unload at hydrogen terminals. Also when highest safety levels are required.
No availability of an economic distribution to hydrogen refilling stations (roads), and in future for bunker stations (waterways), and airports, and as a clean fuel for inland waterway shipping (propulsion) and for smart heat and power supply for buildings and homes.
Locked market, controlled by the main industrial gasses suppliers.

The project performs and demonstrates
Development, testing and validation of technical tools and socio-economic models (business cases) for the implementation of the green hydrogen swapping tank-container system and the demonstration of its flexible distribution method.

All to increase the adoption and implementation of the distribution of zero carbon fuel and/or green building block, with high impact potential.


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