Vitrite is the innovative co- developer, sustainable world class manufacturer and provider of engineering services


Vitrite was founded in 1893, as a component manufacturer. Both the innovation center and production facility of Vitrite are based in Middelburg in the south of the Netherlands. Vitrite is a high-tech, former Philips & Lumileds Automotive company. With over 125 years of experience, mass manufacturing of high-end components has been in our genes. Our products are metal, plastic or metal-plastic subassemblies. Vitrite is specialized in designing and producing high-reliability, high-precision parts for application under highly demanding conditions. Both the innovation center and the manufacturing operation are based in Middelburg in the province of Zeeland, the south-west part of the Netherlands. Vitrite is world-wide known as high-tech, former Philips component producer.



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This is Vitrite... our strategy

Supported by its innovation center, Vitrite develops as a co-developer and manufactures high-reliability, precision components and products for high demanding applications.

Our main strategy
High-Tech automotive intelligence components through co-development and innovation.

  • Automotive lighting with high-tech conventional and LED products
  • Automotive intelligence systems through co-development, innovation and supply of high-tech sensor components
  • Green bio-degradable products and tech parts.



Core competences in automotive lighting component development, manufacturing and global supply

Our key markets

  • Automotive lighting and intelligence components.
  • Non-automotive: technical parts and developing sub- or complete systems and bio green products.

Flexible capacity in delivering prototypes up to hundreds of millions pieces annually

VITRITE the innovative co- developer, sustainable world class manufacturer and provider of engineering services for:

  • High-tech precision components and systems:
    and silicon rubber
  • Prototypes, samples series, pre-production, series & mass production

VITRITE, for co-development and innovation service, procure, produce and distribute globally

Automotive lighting
LED – Halogen and Xenon – Hypervision

Automotive intelligence future ambition
Sensor components:
lidar – laser – radar – optics

Manufacturing of (sub) systems
offshore LED lamps – LED lighting lamps

High-tech engineering parts
medical – building construction – machine building – water distribution – climate control

Fututure ambition non-automotive
Bio based products
cold compostable bio-polymer resins – cold compostable products – green hydrogen systems – components for energy transition equipment

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